There has to be a better way for healthcare to work in America.

First, block grant medicaid to the States. Different states have different needs.

So let them run it as they see fit. The people in Montana have different needs than The people in Florida.

Aggressively prosecute Medicare Fraud, the savings would be enormous. 

The " Epiphany " program is a good starting point for affordable care, Inexpensive primary care, expand on it.

Then a catastrophic insurance policy for hospital stays could be affordable.

Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, this would lower costs.

Tort Reform, Doctors now spend to much on malpractice insurance, Limit damages awarded and prevent trivial lawsuits. This will help lower costs.

Medical savings accounts, make it worthwhile, tax incentive ??

As we have seen with " government run " healthcare " it is wrought with fraud & corruption.

Its easier to regulate the insurance industry than to run a bureaucratic nightmare deciding your healthcare.